Closure now confirmed

Hi All
Apologies to one and all for taking so long to sort out our problem re a venue for the club.  We were kept waiting by the Boathouse, our venue for the last 17 years, while they sorted out what they will do with the function room after the room and staircase etc had been brought up to the standard fire regulations. 
I was told at the end of January that  the decision, as we expected, is that the upstairs function room will be converted into 2 guest rooms  for visitors.  So the Boathouse will no longer be available for functions etc.
We had already been searching around for some time, with some help from your good selves, trying to find a suitable venue. Once we knew that we definitely couldn't go back there, we put all our effort into finding a new venue and widened our search to cover a much bigger area.   Over 50 venues were checked out. In the end there was only one that could possibly match up to our requirements, with a couple of reservations, one being that it was too near to Bromborough Folk Club who have a fine longstanding reputation in that area. 
So we have made the very hard decision of having to close. May we thank all of you for supporting the club. It has been a great privilege and pleasure to be able to bring us all together and enjoy the music and each other's company. Don’t forget you were also part of getting us nominated twice for Folk Club of the Year in the BBC Folk Awards.

On a personal note
I personally am finding it very hard to come to terms with it all, having been running a folk club for over 50 years at venues in Liverpool (The Penny Black Trio), Hoylake, Birkenhead, Upton, and Parkgate. During these years I was also a resident singer for 5 years at the Albion Folk Club New Brighton, and another time Brian Lupton and I ran a Sunday Folk night for many years at the Mollington Banastre near Chester.  I also gigged solo or with my old mate Paddy Nagle (The Tullamore Dew-O) doing as many as 70-80 gigs a year at our peak. Oh and there were regular live spots on Billy Maher's show on Radio Merseyside. No wonder I'm feeling tired and my left knee is telling me to take it easy, but I have some wonderful memories and stories I could tell.

I haven't packed up altogether.  I have been asked to arrange another folk concert for the Heswall, now Wirral Arts Festival. It will be at Heswall Hall on the first night of the festival Saturday 30th September. Hope to see you there.

Wishing you all the best and keep singing
Eddie and of course Buddy Mike Dina Ann and (the boss) Joyce who all made it possible for me to keep going for so long. My thanks also to Bob (The Bass) Burrill.

Should you wish to contact me the best number is 0151 677 1840
or email parkgatefolkclub@ntlworld.com